Husbandry and Health

At BioFauna Exotics, our goal is not only to provide you with the very highest quality animals, but ensure that our success is passed onto you throughout the lifetime of your new pet. In an effort to help you be fully prepared for the animal you are bringing home, BioFauna Exotics aims to provide you with multiple resources to get your questions answered, day or night. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our animals, but we also want you to have other, more immediate resources at your disposal as well. Everyone starts somewhere! See our collection of links below for a helpful abundance of information and top-notch communities.

BioFauna Husbandry Guides:

Boa Constrictors 101

Amazon Tree Boa Care Sheet:IMG_3663

NEW! Breeding Amazon Tree Boas:

Links: Incredible wealth of information on all things Boa constrictor related!

The Tree Boa Brigade: An AMAZING all-in-one source for all tree boas, all the time.

Chicago Herpetological Society: Invaluable resource for pet owners, local wild animal ID’s, and keepers alike from one of the nations largest and oldest Herp Societies!



 Further content coming soon. We thank you for your patience!


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