Sales Policy and Terms

When considering the purchase of an animal from BioFauna Exotics, please review our guidelines and purchasing agreement below. We take what we do very seriously, as we are very passionate about our animals and wish to ensure them the very best of homes. We do reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone who we feel will not adequately care for our animals or we feel will not have the animal’s best interest in mind. It’s not all about the money with us! Our animals absolutely do come first here at BioFauna Exotics. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to doing business with you!

Live Arrival Guarantee

It is BioFauna Exotics’ standard to always make sure that any animals listed for sale, and subsequently purchased, are eating regularly, have no issues with regurgitation, and have shed 2-3 times (depending on species). We guarantee that our animals arrive happy and healthy, and can guarantee their health for 10 days after arrival so long as our Purchasing Agreement is upheld. BioFauna Exotics is not responsible for any health issues that arise as a result of poor husbandry, poor preparation of caging and equipment before arrival of the animal(s) (including equipment malfunctions), improper feeding, improper handling, improper quarantine procedures, or any other violation of our Purchasing Agreement.

If there are any issues with the animal(s) upon arrival (so long as shipping standards were met), we will rectify the situation immediately (see refund policy). We are available 24/7 to answer questions and offer information, advice, and support during the lifetime of the animal, but after 10 days (or if there was a breach of the Purchasing Agreement) if any health issues arise there is no guarantee or refund.


Shipping Policy

For most purchases (usually neonates/hatchlings) a flat rate of $55 shipping to the entire continental US is applied. However, some specimens may require a higher shipping rate and will be calculated at time of order. All shipping is via FedEx Priority Overnight (via Ship Your Reptiles or Reptiles Express) and are packaged appropriately with insulation and heat packs (when necessary). At this time, we do NOT offer international shipping, however, we are currently working on that possibility. We do not ship if temperatures on sending or receiving end of the transaction are below 50F or above 85F. Insurance for your package is NOT included in the $55 flat rate fee. While not required, it is highly recommended and can be calculated and added upon request. Having insurance on your package WILL affect your refund options! See below.


Refund Policy

BioFauna Exotics does our best to ensure that your animal will arrive safe and healthy through our packaging preparations. However, we all know that we have little control over what happens once the animal has left our facility and before they reach your doorstep. As such, we have to safeguard our customers and ourselves in this process to ensure that we can have recourse from FedEx if something goes awry during transport which leads the unfortunate demise of your new animal.

In order to protect everyone, please follow these simple guidelines upon receiving your new animal(s) from BioFauna Exotics:

  • Track your shipment!! It is your responsibility to track your shipments and to receive the package when it arrives and ensure its safety. Please document the time it was received, along with any other pertinent details (the condition of the box, for example).
  • Take video upon opening the packaging in the box for the very first time. If in the event that something is wrong, then we have video documentation of it from the very moment the box was opened and we can use it in filing a claim with FedEx, as well as in replacing your animal.

In the event of a DOA, you have the option of receiving credit for another animal(s) (shipping included). You are only eligible for a full refund via PayPal if your package was insured! That is the only way we can be reiumbursed for the worth of the package, not just the cost of shipping. BE SURE to do the following in the event of a DOA:

  • Buyers have 1hr if shipped to the home, or 12hrs if shipped to a FedEx Hub, to report a DOA to us.
  • Take additional still-images of any deceased animals so that we can attach them to the FedEx claim when necessary.
  • Immediately take the deceased animal(s) in for a necropsy with your herp vet. KEEP THE RECIEPT and send it in to us. This is our (and your) proof that FedEx is responsible for this death. You will be reimbursed the cost of the necropsy upon FedEx filing and accepting the claim. We realize this is a pain, but it’s a safeguard that we put in place to ensure that our animals get absolutely the best and we hold accountable those who fall through in their responsibility to their well-being (in this case, FedEx). If the animal cannot be taken in right away, it is to be bagged and placed in the freezer.
  • Buyers have 48hrs to bring the animal in for necropsy in order to receive a credit or refund.


Purchasing Policy

All animals must be paid in full before they are shipped out. If you are purchasing multiple animals, you can wait until everything is paid and ship them all at once, or choose to have them shipped as they are paid off. NOTE: If you choose to have your animals shipped separately, you ARE responsible for paying additional shipping costs since it affects the amount of shipping supplies needed to complete your order.

**Payment plans are available for all animals, however a 50% deposit for animals $500 and under, or a 25% deposit for animals costing over $500, is required to place the animal on hold until the balance is paid in full. Only when a deposit is received are all ads for that animal removed. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. We do not accept deposits until our purchase agreement has been signed and received, and a payment plan has been outlined in writing via email/PM/text. We would prefer that all payment plans do not exceed 2 months in total. If you cannot accomplish this, but have already paid your deposit, please contact us immediately so that we can work something out.

Everyone’s payment plans are unique to their financial situation, and we believe that is everyone’s right as a buyer, however we reserve the right to protect ourselves and our animals in the event no payment is received for a prolonged period of time. In the event that no payment AND no communication is received for 30 or more days, you relinquish ownership of the animal entirely and it goes back up for sale. If no payment has been made in 60 days, regardless if communication has been maintained, you relinquish ownership of the animal entirely and it goes back up for sale. So PLEASE be absolutely certain that you’re serious about the purchase and can maintain your payment agreement. That said, we are not unreasonable and are generally happy to work with everyone on a case by case basis.

Purchasing Agreement

We love our animals dearly, and take the responsibility of breeding them very seriously. In an effort to ensure that our animals are going to responsible, permanent homes, you agree to the following when making a purchase from BioFauna Exotics:


  • You have completed the Purchasing Agreement and emailed it back to us.
  • You have done all the necessary research for the animal you intend to purchase with regards to proper captive husbandry and quarantine.
    • You have acquired the proper caging and tested all heating equipment *before* your animal arrives.
    • You know the exact temperature and humidity ranges for the animal including basking temps.
    • You will NOT handle this animal for at LEAST one week after arrival with the exception of cleaning/maintenance.
    • You will NOT attempt to feed this animal for at LEAST five (5) days after arrival.
    • You will NOT powerfeed this animal (if you are unsure what this means, contact us).
    • You will NOT feed our animals live prey except in extreme circumstances (this does not apply to insectivores)!! We spend a great deal of time making sure all animals we sell are eating frozen/thawed meals, so to feed live is a blatant disregard for the animal’s safety and herpetocultural (as well as our company’s) ethics.
    • You will NOT cohabitate this animal unless it is breeding.
    • You will excercise proper quarantine proceedures for EVERY animal in your home to ensure that your purchase from us will in no way be affected by another animal purchase, and vice versa.
    • You have outlets for additional knowledge, as needed. (No one knows everything, but at least make sure you know who to ask or where to look for more information!)
  • You have checked all local legislation to ensure that your new animal can be cared for legally in your home.
  • You know the name, location, and phone number of your local reptile veterinarian and you will NOT use cost, or distance, as an excuse to refuse medical care when absolutely necessary. You agree that if you cannot afford the cost of exotic animal care, will NOT purchase one. Further, if any health conditions arise after 10 days of arrival, it is not the responsibility of BioFauna Exotics to pay for any vet bills.
  • If for any reason the animal cannot be cared for, or is no longer wanted, and you intend to sell, euthanize, or drop off at a rescue, you will contact us FIRST so that we may have the option of taking the animal back, or at least find you resources, if at all possible. This is not applicable to buyers who intend to sell to individuals they know, only to buyers who intend to relist on Kingsnake, craiglist, FB, etc or who would rather euthanize/ drop off the animal at a rescue.

By breaking any of these conditions you agree that 1) You void BioFauna Exotics’ health guarantee 2) BioFauna Exotics has the right to refuse you the sale of any future animals and any previously agreed upon terms will be void.

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