Breeding Season 2016/2017!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Mystery?

Last season certainly didn’t go as planned. Our non-visual calico female, “Merlot”, gave birth to 5 healthy babies, however as a result of past pairings being too close together, we suspect that she simply did not have the strength to birth them all which resulted in one of the visual calicos getting stuck in the birth canal and killing the subsequent 3 babies. One of which was a STUNNING visual calico (isn’t that always the case? lol). We are giving her a FULL 18mo off and she will be paired in the spring of 2017. The surviving 5 babies were certainly beautiful in their own right, and we are (for the meantime) holding onto one little girl in particular- 15MxCM05- Codename: Glow Worm.

15MxCM05 Orange Non-Visual Calico

Orange Calico

When she was born, she was VERY clearly a calico. She presented with the same white “flaring” up the sides that our red calicos have. HOWEVER, we suspect that she is a “carrier” for the gene much like her mother. By the second shed, all signs of her “calico-ness” had disappeared, leaving her as a stunning, virtually patternless orange angel. It is our greatest hope to be able to keep her as our holdback and prove her out in the coming years. She is most definitely our little mystery!

The PROBLEM is that our time in Louisiana has been nothing short of tumultuous. Other pairings we had which followed the same not-so-great turn of events included our boas. We paired a RDR BEA GS male x Stone/Burke T+ Sunglow female which resulted in the female reabsorbing and our male Kahl Snow x Ghost het Moonglow female which resulted in all slugs. We are certain that the amount of moving we have undergone did not help our situation at all, but we are remaining positive for the future. At this time, we do not expect any moonglows until Spring 2018.

We did have a very successful clutch of Mojave x Mojave Ball Pythons! We still have 2 mojave males left at this time and while we don’t consider ourselves “ball python breeders” (rather, breeders who occassionally have a ball python clutch) it was exciting to experience for the first time. Neither of us had bred them before and it was certainly worth the effort!


Baby BEL female

Our future for BioFauna remains strong despite our very many setbacks. We have *ALL 3* of our Calico ATB males ready and waiting for their new girlfriends, our non-visual calico female, “Merlot”, will have 18mo off and be paired in the spring, and we will have the WORLD’S FIRST Canopy Cane line Calico Tigers!!

Also in the lineup: We will also be trying for DH Blizzard Boas, we are repeating our Mojave pairing for a second BEL for our educational shows, and we have our first Blood Python pairing planned!

rieslingdh orchardjack ariacalypsomerlotjackdiofoxy

More information about these pairings will be in our Available Animals section.

We wil keep you all updated as the season unfolds, but we are VERY excited to see what becomes of this season!

~Abby & Chris

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