Merlot x Jim Beam

Merlot-Jim Beam Pairing

SOLD OUT Dam: “Merlot”, Sire: “Jim Beam” Litter resulted in 9 offspring, 5 Calicos, 4 Calico siblings (3 red, 1 orange)


Available from this pairing


“Southern Comfort” – Yellow Calico Sibling born on 11/22/14. NFS


“Nitro” – Red Calico Sibling born on 11/22/14. Feeding on f/t hoppers. $600.00 plus shipping from Baton Rouge. SOLD!!

“Dragon Heart”, red male Calico, NFS

“Calypso”, male confetti calico, NFS


The “twins”, “Flame Eater” and “Wild Flame”. Unsexed red calicos. NFS.

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