Merlot x Captain Morgan 2015

Merlot-CM Pairing

FINALLY!!! After 138 days POS, Merlot finally gave us the litter we had been waiting for. Born 11/29/15. Litter consisted of 5 live, 3 still, 2 slugs. 1x Red Calico (still), 2x  Orange calico (1 still), 2x Garden calico sibs (1 poss calico), 1x Patternless Orange calico sib (still), 2x Patterned Orange calico sibs. Some animals will be ready for deposits on 12/24/15- NO prices will be listed until then!! Please remember to review our Sales Policies & Terms  if you are interested in any of these babies!

If you are interested in any of these babies and would like more info or pics, please feel free to email us at with the animal(s) ID#. Prices do not include shipping.

15MxCM01 Unsexed Orange Patterned Calico Sibling

Probable Female Orange Patterned Calico Sibling $350- *SOLD*

15MxCM02 Male Garden calico sib

Male Garden Phase Calico Sibling
$250- **SOLD**



15MxCM03 Unsexed patterned orange calico sib

Male Patterned Orange Calico Sib
$400- *SOLD*

15MxCM04 Poss calico garden

Male Garden Phase Poss Calico
$275- *SOLD*


15MxCM05 Orange Calico

Probable Female Orange Calico

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