Available Arboreal Boas

Click a pairing below to view available animals from that litter. Each pairing will have its own destintation page after the pairing has been successful and we confirm the females are gravid.

Amazon Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus)

Are you new to keeping Amazon Tree Boas and are interested in getting your first?
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2016/2017: VERY excited about this pair. We are expecting some CRAZY reds and calicos!

2016/2017: GORGEOUS tiger pairing scheduled for babies in 2017.

2016/2017: Pairing scheduled for Nov 2016. This is a VERY special pairing from which we are hoping to get some insane red and ??? babies. 100% of this litter will be held back. Added here for posterity.


2017/2018: Pairing scheduled for Spring 2017. Here we go, folks! Dam: Heavy patterned Red Tiger x Sire: Red Canopy Cane line Calico.Expecting 25% Normals, 25%  Tigers, 25% Canopy Cane Calicos, 25% Canopy Cane Tiger Calicos! The Canopy Cane line produces Calicos in multiple colors (including garden), so it will be a real treat to see the results!


2016/2017: Pairing scheduled for Nov 2016. Dam: Red/Brown Garden Phase x Sire: Red Confetti Calico. Expecting 50% ??? Calico! Sire’s mother produces 3 different types of Calico and he is the only surviving confetti from 4 litters so we have NO IDEA what to expect!

2016/2017: Pairing scheduled for Nov 2016. Dam: VERY Light colored Halloween Phase Garden x Sire: Poss Red Calico. Expecting 50% ?? calicos. We shal see!

Merlot-CM Pairing

SOLD OUT!! 2014/2015 Dam: “Merlot” (Red Calico Sibling) x Sire: “Captain Morgan” (Patterened Orange normal): Born 11/29/15. Litter consisted of 5 live, 3 still, 2 slugs. 1x Red Calico (still), 2x  Orange calico (1 still), 2x Garden calico sibs (1 poss calico), 1x Patternless Orange calico sib (still), 2x Patterned Orange calico sibs.

Merlot-Jim Beam Pairing

SOLD OUT!!! 2013/2014 Dam: “Merlot” (Red Calico Sibling) x Sire: “Jim Beam” (Yellow freckled normal). Litter resulted in 9 offspring, 5 Calicos (3 red, 2 confetti), 4 Calico siblings (3 red, 1 orange)

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