Available Boa constrictor

Are you new to keeping boas and are interested in getting your first?
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Click a pairing below to view available animals from that litter. Each pairing will have its own destintation page after the pairing has been successful and we confirm the females are gravid.

Boa constrictor
SORRY! No anticipated BCC pairings at this time!

Boa imperator


2016/2017: Pairing scheduled for Nov 2016. Sire: Kahl Snow x Dam: RDR BEA GS. All will be Normals 100% DH Blizzard.


WE HAVE BABIES! Born 9/18/16. 7 live, 2 slugs. Babies were hypo TH RDR BEA Stone/Burke T+ Moonglow and Normal DH RDR BEA Stone/Burke T+ Snow.


SOLD OUT!!! March 2015 Moonglow litter Dam: “April” (Ghost 100% het Moonglow) (Kahl) Sire: “Cheeto” (Sunglow 100% het Moonglow) (Kahl) Offspring: Pairing resulted in 15 live, 1 slug. 2.2 Poss Super Moonglow, 0.1 Poss Super Ghost 100% het Moonglow, 0.2 Poss Super Sunglow 100% het Moonglow, 1.2 Poss Super Hypo 100% het Moonglow, 1.1 Albino 100% het Snow, 1.0 Anery 100% het Snow, 1.1 DH Snow



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